Vendor Overview

A vendor refers to the entity that sells ad placements. The vendor receives the RFP and comes to an agreement with the buyer on a contract based on the objectives, prices, and payment for the sale of the online ad. Basis' directory stores vendor information including the name, Basis Provided status, URL, type, Properties, Deals, Contacts, Terms & Conditions, and Payee details.

The vendor tab on the inventory directory page

Under the property, the associated vendors are listed. Click the Star icon to favorite a property. Favorite properties appear at the top of the list.

Restrictions occur when updating a vendor. Only Directory Curators create or update a vendor to Basis Provided status. Basis restricts specific fields to Directory Curator with full permissions. 

Vendor Management restrictions occur when updating the Vendor details, Property, and Contacts tabs. Team members with the appropriate permissions create and edit vendors and properties for their organization.

The Vendor modal provides basic information, type, URL, and reference notes for the buyer team members.

  • Name
  • Corporate URL
  • Vendor Type
    • Site-direct

    • Parent Company

    • Network

    • Rep Firm

  • Advantage ID (Advantage users only)

To view vendor information:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Inventory Directory.

  2. Select the Vendor tab.

  3. Select a vendor.


A property has available ad inventory for sale by a vendor. The Properties tab shows a Filter search box along with an index list of properties by name, Basis Provided status, market, vertical, and type. Clicking on a property shows its detailed information. The associated vendors are listed on the page.

The properties tab on a vendor page

Active Deals

The Active Deals tab shows My Deals and Curated Deals. The deals index appears by name, type, price and yesterday's auctions.

The active deals tab on a vendor page


The Contacts tab lists individuals associated with the vendor. By default, the most recently active contacts appear at the top, so you know who you are most likely to get a response from. Suggested contacts have a Bookmark icon in the Suggested column. Click a contact to view detailed information. Click Add contact to create a new contact for this vendor. If a contact's type is Corporate, that contact can sell all the vendor's properties.

The contacts tab on a vendor page

Terms & Conditions

Basis provides a standard Terms & Conditions, but you can create a custom one for your organization. Only one agreement can be active as the default for your organization at a time. The Terms & Conditions tab includes the following information for each agreement:

  • Status and Contract Name
  • Effective Date
  • Payment Terms
  • Out Clause
  • Addenda
  • File

You must have Vendor Payment Terms permissions to create or edit the Terms & Conditions contract.


The Payee tab shows payee information including names and email addresses. You must have Vendor Payment Terms permissions to create, edit, or remove vendor payee information.

The payee tab on a vendor page


The Notes tab provides a section to add or modify vendor information. You must have Vendor Management permissions to create, edit, or remove the formatted notes information. The author and date appear when the note is modified.

Vendor Page - Notes Tab

The notes tab on a vendor page