Creating Terms & Conditions

Note: You must have Payment Terms permissions to create and manage Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions refers to the legal agreement and relationship between the buyer and the vendor. It's a contract that includes payment details and accompanies an insertion order (IO). Basis provides a standard Terms & Conditions, but you can create a custom one for your organization.

Note: Only one agreement can be active as the default for your organization at a time, and you must have active Terms & Conditions to send IOs.

At the vendor level, you can select a different default or create new terms specific to that vendor. See Setting Up Vendor Terms & Conditions for more information.

You can also create terms for specific clients. See Creating Client Terms & Conditions for more information.

To create Terms & Conditions for your organization:

  1. Go to Main Menu > My Organization.

  2. Select the Terms & Conditions tab:

  3. Click Create new:

  4. Enter a Name for the contract.

  5. Click Attach a file to upload the Terms & Conditions file.

  6. Enable Make active to set these Terms & Conditions as the default for future insertion orders.

  7. Select the Payment Terms:

    • Due on receipt
    • Net 30
    • Net 60
    • Net 90
    • Net 120
    • Other
  8. Select the Out Clause: Standard or Custom.

  9. Include any additional information in the Addenda text box.

  10. Click Save to create your new Terms & Conditions.