Applying Add-Ons to Media Plans

Note: You must have Payment Terms and Planning permissions to apply add-ons to media plans. The service provider isn't part of the negotiation process and doesn't receive an IO.

Apply add-ons to a campaign while it's in planning. To apply add-ons to a live or approved campaign, create a revision first. Add-ons appear below the line items in the media plan. If you want to apply add-ons to a tactic, select the Add-Ons tab on the tactic editor.

Before you can apply add-ons, you must create a service provider.

To apply add-ons to a media plan:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Select a media plan.

  4. Select Actions > Add-ons on the upper-right corner.

  5. Click Add [+] to select the add-ons you want to apply to your media plan. Use the Add-ons menu at the top of the Add-ons panel to filter the add-ons by type. The add-ons you selected appear below the line items on the Media Plan page.

  6. Click Apply to plan.

  7. From your DSP channel, click Edit to the right of Controls.

  8. Scroll down to your Add-ons channel and click Edit to the right of Controls.

  9. Enter the necessary add-on details:

    1. Enter a description.
    2. Select the start and end dates.
    3. Enter the add-on cost, which is the amount the service provider charges.
    4. Enter the gross cost, which is the total service cost including miscellaneous fees. Basis calculates the gain (or loss) automatically based on the difference between the add-on and gross costs.
    5. For a service provider, select Options [] > Duplicate or Delete that add-on line item. Duplicating an add-on line item lets you to split out the billing of the fees based on different start and end dates or distribute the service fee throughout the campaign.

  10. Click Save to apply your changes, then click Exit to stop editing add-ons. You can save add-ons without filling in every detail, but client approval requires information in this section.