Applying Add-Ons to Tactics (Tactic Editor)

Tactic add-ons are additional services that in-house or third-party providers supply for tactics. Before you can include add-ons in tactics, you need to create a service provider. The rate type for tactic add-ons must be CPM.

If you want to apply add-ons to the media plan, see Applying Add-Ons to Media Plans.

Add-ons that you apply to a tactic are included in tactic templates and when you copy and paste the tactic (or create a campaign from an existing one that includes groups and tactics).

To apply add-ons to a tactic:

  1. Go to the Tactic Editor:

    1. Select Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

    2. Select the campaign and media plan.

    3. From the tactic's Options [], select Edit.

  2. Select Add-Ons to see the available add-ons that you can apply to tactics, including details such as the provider, the rate, and a description.

    If there are no available add-ons, create a new one.

    • Apply filters or search for specific add-ons. You can filter by Add-ons type or Status.

  3. When you find the add-on that you want to use, select Add [] to add it to the tactic.

  4. To remove add-ons from the tactic, select Delete []. If you remove an inactive add-on or service provider, you won't be able to add it to the tactic again.
  5. Select Save. Review the add-ons and other settings on the Tactic Summary.