Creating a New Service Provider

You can add new service providers that provide add-ons for your media plans and tactics. Include required details, such as its name, contact information, service type, and billing information.

You must have Payment Terms permissions to create, update, and deactivate service providers in My Organization.

A service provider is only associated with add-ons and isn't stored in the Basis Directory.

To create a new service provider:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > My Organization.

  2. Select the Service Providers tab.

  3. Click Create provider.

  4. Under Details, enter a Name to identify this service provider when you apply it to your tactics and media plans. You can include additional details about the company, such as a corporate URL, address, and any additional notes you want to record for your organization.

  5. Under Add-ons, select the type of service, enter a Description (optional) and select the Rate Type.

    • Type:
      • Ad Verification, such as fraud protection.
      • Attribution Modeling, such as user identification.
      • Audience Insight, such as demographics and related audiences.
      • Brand Study, such as exploring brand awareness.
      • CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, such as social media targeting.
      • In-house, such as creatives.
      • Other, such as non-media services or anything that does not fall under a different category. You must enter a description for this type.
    • Rate Type:
      • Flat (for campaign add-ons only)
      • CPM (for tactic add-ons only - enter the Rate)
    • To add more than one service, click Add another.
    • Click Delete [] next to a service type to remove it from the provider. The service won't be available for future plans. If the service was part of an existing plan, it remains in the plan's add-ons section.
  6. Under Contact, enter the contact information for this provider. You must include an email address, but you can also add the contact's name, title, phone number, role, and region.

  7. Under Payment, enter the billing details for this provider. Enter the Name, Address, Country, City, State/Province/Region, and ZIP/Postal Code. You can also include an email address and phone number.

  8. Click Save to create the new provider, which appears on the Service Providers tab and is available when you apply add-ons to your plans and tactics. See Applying Add-Ons to Media Plans and Tactic Add-Ons for more information.