Optimizing by Domain

Domain optimization shows you the performance of the apps and domains the tactic is targeting, as well as their status and bid price. You can modify the domain or app's status or bid price, or add them to new or existing domain lists.

Note: App inventory is categorized by app stores. Specifying app stores allows for more precise targeting and improved reporting. See Managing App ID Targeting for more information.

See Optimizing a Tactic to learn how to access DSP domain optimization options.

Editing Status and Bid Price

Change the status of a domain or app and modify the bid prices directly in the DSP optimizer. These changes apply to all of the domain or app's exchanges and placements as well. You may see an ellipsis (...) while the change is applying.

Note: When algorithmic optimization is enabled, you cannot modify bid prices at the exchange or placement level.

To edit a domain or app's status and bid price:

  • Click the app or domain's status in the Status column, then select On or Off.

  • Click the app or domain's bid price in the Bid column, then enter the new bid amount.

Bulk Editing Domains and Apps

To apply the same bid price and status to multiple domain and app targets, use bulk actions.

To bulk edit domains and apps:

  1. Select the domains and apps you want to modify.

  2. Click Bulk actionsStatus and bid.

  3. Select the Status you want to apply: On or Off.

  4. Enter a new Default Bid.

  5. Click Save.

Adding Domains and Apps to Domain Lists

From domain optimization view, you can add domains or mobile apps to a new or existing allowlist or blocklist.

To add a domain or app to a domain list:

  1. Select ActionsDomain Lists.

  2. Select a domain or app you want to add to the list.

  3. Add a domain to the list:

    • Select Actions > Create new to add a domain to a new domain list. See New Domain List for more on setting up the list that contains your domains and apps.

    • Select Actions > Add to existing to add a domain to an existing domain list.

Downloading Domain Lists

Save a copy of a domain list as a CSV file.

To download domain lists:

  1. Select Actions > Domain Lists on the upper-right corner.

  2. Select the domains and apps you want to include in the list.

  3. Above the domains and apps, select Actions > Download.

Downloading Domain Metrics

Save an offline copy of the domain and app metrics available in the optimizer as a CSV file.

To download statistics:

  • Select Actions > Download CSV on the upper-right corner.

Exchanges and Placements within a Domain

To see the tactic's performance by exchange for a particular domain, click a domain name. Click an exchange's name to view performance by placement.

Use inline editing to change the status or bid price for an exchange or placement, or use Bulk action to apply the same change to multiple exchanges or placements.


If your tactics are measuring viewability, you see viewability data by domain, exchange, or placement, including these metrics:

  • Eligible Impressions
  • Measurable Impressions
  • Viewable Impressions
  • In-view Rate
  • Measurable Rate
  • Eligible Spend
  • Eligible vCPM

Customizing Columns

Select the metrics you want to view, as well as the order of the metrics columns.

To customize columns:

  1. Click Settings [] in the upper-right corner.

  2. Click Customize columns.

  3. Select the metrics you want to view. Metrics are broken down by category on the menu on the left, and selected metrics appear on the Column Order panel on the right.

    • Alternatively, use the search box to find metrics. Select metrics from the search results, then click Apply.

  4. In the Column Order panel, drag the metrics to change their order on the Analytics grid.

  5. Click Save as to create a new preset view and apply it, or click Apply to see your changes in optimization view.

  6. To restore the default order, click Settings [] , then select Default under Basis Views.