Working With Creatives

A creative combines one piece of creative media with details of how the content behaves when it is shown. The creative media can be an image or video. The behavior details include a click-through URL, tracking pixels, and VAST events.

If you're using ad tags, an creative corresponds to a single ad tag.


Image and video files can be uploaded directly into the system, or you can use ad tags to point to media hosted by other providers. No matter where your media is hosted, you set up a creative for it in the DSP.

Creatives and Tactics

Tactics and creatives work together to show media to users. The tactic controls the targeting (where and when the creative will show), and the creative controls the content and behavior (what the user sees when the ad appears and what happens when the user clicks the ad).

A tactic can be linked to one or more creatives. The tactic shows the description, status, and dates.

Creative Status

A creative's status controls its availability for delivery.

  • On: The creative is ready for delivery and can be used by any tactic linked to it. Once the creative passes Ad Quality Review, it goes live.

  • Off: The creative is offline. Tactics can link to the creative, but the creative will not be delivered.

  • Archived: The creative is no longer in use. When you archive a creative, it does not appear on Creative panel.

  • Expired: The ad expired due to inactivity. An ad expires if it has $0.00 total spend over the last 18 months. To use this creative, you must re-upload it.

Changing a creative's status affects any tactics that it is linked to.

Testing Your Creatives

It's important to test your creatives before using them in a tactic. Your creatives may automatically or manually be reviewed as a part of our ad quality process, but this is done to ensure that creatives meet exchange and publisher requirements. The ad quality reviewers do not test that ads work as you expect.

As the DSP is a real-time programmatic buying platform, running creatives without first testing their functionality is ill-advised. Bids cannot be reversed and you will be charged for any impressions that your tactics bid on, regardless of whether your creatives function correctly or not.

To test your creatives:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Select a media plan.

  4. Select DSP Actions > Creative.

  5. Ensure that for every creative you add:

    • The secure (SSL) status of your creatives is declared correctly – if an ad is marked secure but contains non-secure elements, if may fail to render correctly.
    • It is uploaded as the correct type – for example, MRAID or Expandable (Web), as required.
    • The creative renders correctly and the DSP is able to count clicks. You can examine this on the Creative Preview tab.

Adding Creatives

To add a creative:

  1. Select DSP Actions > Creative.

  2. Select the Add menu and choose the creatives you want to add.