Setting a Group Budget

The group budget is the maximum amount that the tactics in the group can spend in a day or all time. When the group budget is reached, the tactics in the group stop bidding on impressions. The minimum Budget Amount is $5.00 USD, and the maximum is $1,000,000 USD. If you also set an impression cap, then spend will stop when either the impression cap or the budget amount has been met, whichever happens first.

The Budget Type determines whether the budget applies for each day that the group is live, or for the entire duration of the group's flight:

  • Daily: Daily budgets apply for each day between the start date and end date. For example, a $100 daily budget spends $100 every day that the group is live.

  • All time: The budget applies for all the days between the start date and end date combined. For example, a $100 budget spreads a total of $100 across all the days that the group is live.

For example, if a group has a $200 daily budget, all tactics in the group will stop bidding when the tactics have collectively spent $200 that day.

When you define a budget for a group, tactic-level budgets still apply. For example, if you had a group with a $200 budget that contained only two tactics, each with a $50 budget, the group budget would never be met. Each tactic would stop once it had spent $50, leaving the total for the group at $100.

Group Budget Optimization

Group budget optimization (GBO) uses an algorithm to automatically reallocate the group's budget among its tactics based on performance. When GBO is turned on, you no longer have to manually adjust the tactic budgets while the campaign is running. See Group Budget Optimization to learn more.

Setting Tactic-Level Budgets

Every tactic has its own budget that controls how much that tactic can spend. The tactic's budget is set on the General tab in the Tactic Editor. See General Properties for more information.