Creating Groups

Create groups to organize and manage DSP tactics:

  • Turn the group off to stop delivery for all of its tactics.

  • Set the total budget to limit the combined spending for a group of related tactics.

  • Turn on Group Budget Optimization (GBO) to automatically allocate the group's budget to the best performing tactics.

  • Set an impression cap to limit the maximum number of impressions that the tactics win.

  • Use the group's start date and end date to control when any tactics in the group can deliver ads.

  • Apply pacing controls to spend the total budget evenly throughout the group's flight.

Before you can create a group, you must create a DSP line item.

To create a group:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select the campaign and media plan.

  3. Find the line item that you want to add the group to, then select Options [] > Add group.

  4. Enter the Group Name.

  5. Select the group's initial Status:

    • Online: Tactics in the group can go live and start spending if their statuses are also set to Online. Note that the group's flight dates, as well as tactic-level settings (status and flight dates) control whether spending can occur. For example, if the flight dates are in the future, no spending will occur until that time.

      The media plan needs to be approved before the group can go online.

    • Offline: Tactics in the group cannot spend if the group is offline, even if the tactics are online.

    • Archived: The group and all of its tactics cannot run and don't appear on the media plan. This option is only available when editing existing groups. For more information, see Archiving Groups, Tactics, and Creatives.

  6. Select the Budget Type and enter the Budget Amount. The group budget is the total amount that all of its tactics can spend. The minimum budget is $5.00 USD. See Setting a Group Budget for more information.

    • Daily: Daily budgets apply for each day between the start date and end date. For example, a $100 daily budget spends $100 every day that the group is live.

    • All time: The budget applies for all the days between the start date and end date combined. For example, a $100 budget spreads a total of $100 across all the days that the group is live.

  7. Select the Impression Cap and Impression Count (between 1,000 and 1 billion) to limit the total number of impressions that the group's tactics can win.

    • Daily: Daily impression caps apply for each day between the group's start and end dates.

    • All time: All-time impression caps apply for the entire duration of the group's flight.

  8. Select whether you want to use the group's settings to determine pacing, or if you want to control pacing at the tactic level. See Tactic and Group Pacing for more information.

    • Off: Control pacing at the tactic level.

    • Budget: Tactics spend evenly based on the group budget.

    • Impressions: Tactics spend evenly based on the group impression count.

  9. Turn on Group Budget Optimization (GBO) if you want to automatically move the budget between the group's tactics based on performance. See Group Budget Optimization to learn more.

  10. Select the Start Date and the End Date. The start and end dates must fall within the line item's flight dates.

  11. Turn on Frequency Cap if you want limit the numbers of times a user sees ads from this group's tactics. See Group Frequency Cap for more information.

  12. Select Create. when finished.