Targeting Geopolitical Locations

If you're creating a tactic for a political campaign, you can easily target political districts in the tactic's location targeting rules.

Basis currently includes location data for US congressional districts and state legislative districts--state house districts and state senate districts. This includes districts that have been redrawn but not yet signed into law. These districts are labelled Proposed to distinguish them from current districts.

You can save geopolitical targets in location sets and tactic templates. Additionally, DSP forecasting takes geopolitical location targeting into account when it runs its calculations.

Geopolitical locations change over time. If a congressional or state legislative district you selected has changed, it will become hidden in the DSP. We recommend removing or replacing hidden locations to make sure tactic performance isn't impacted. See Hidden and Unavailable Locations for more information.

To target geopolitical locations:

  1. Go to the Tactic Editor:

    1. Select Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

    2. Select the campaign and media plan.

    3. From the tactic's Options [], select Edit.

  2. Click Location, then select Geopolitical.

    The geopolitical tag on the edit campaign page

  3. Click Add [] to add a district or state to the tactic's location targeting rules. Search by state, district, or district code to find a specific location. For example, IL_02 will find Illinois' 2nd Congressional District.

    Geo targeting rules search page

  4. Set up the tactic's location targeting rules on the Location Rules panel.

  5. Click Save to apply your changes.