Using Tactic Forecasting & Bid Guidance

As you set up your tactic, the DSP predicts the number of impressions that it can win at the default bid price to give you a sense of the available inventory and pricing.

At the top of the tactic editor, you see the days left in the campaign, the current spend, the projected spend (up to the all-time budget), the impressions won so far, and the projected impressions available. Helpful messages will appear below the forecast to help you troubleshoot errors in the calculation.

The DSP considers these factors when calculating projected spend and impressions: 

As you make changes to your tactic, the forecast automatically refreshes to show you how your changes impact the predicted availability.

To manually update the forecast:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Select a media plan.

  4. Select Options > Add tactic to the left of a group or select Options > Edit to the left of a tactic. The tactic editor appears.

  5. Click the Refresh icon. Your forecast updates.

Note: Forecasting does not consider the impact of bid multipliers, cross-device targeting, day parting, or page position. If your tactic uses hyperlocal targeting, the DSP cannot create a forecast.

Bid Guidance

The bid guidance graph shows the relationship between the net bid price and the impressions that can be won.

To view bid guidance:

  1. Click Bid Guidance in the upper-right corner of the tactic editor.

  2. Hover over the graph to see how many impressions might be available for a given maximum bid.