Tactic Forecasting and Bid Guidance

As you set up a tactic, the DSP predicts the number of impressions that it can win at the default bid price to give you a sense of available inventory.

At the top of the Tactic Editor, you see the number of days left in the tactic's flight, the current spend, the projected spend (up to the all-time budget), the impressions won to date, and the projected available impressions. If there are errors in these calculations, helpful messages appear below the forecast to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Tactic editor window showing forecasting information.

As you make changes to the tactic, the forecast automatically refreshes to show how your changes impact the predicted availability.

Projected Spend and Available Impressions don't update automatically. Refresh the forecast manually to see the new projected spend and impression values.

Tactic editor window highlighting the refresh button.

Tactic Forecasting Data

Tactic forecasting incorporates granular information, such as specific flight dates and selected exchanges, to produce more detailed predictions than DSP inventory forecasts, which offer broader estimates to guide tactic planning.

The DSP considers the following factors when calculating projected spend and impressions for tactic forecasts: 

Tactic forecasting doesn't consider the impact of bid multipliers, cross-device targeting, dayparting, or page position.

Bid Guidance

The bid guidance graph shows an estimate of how many impressions the tactic can win at different bid prices.

Select Bid Guidance in the upper-right corner in the Tactic Editor to view the Bid Guidance graph. Hover over different points on the graph to see how many impressions might be available for a given maximum bid price.

Example bid guidance graph.