Selecting Delivery Source Metrics

When you use multiple sources to track your impressions, each impression could be double counted on the Analytics tab and reporting. To improve the accuracy of your billing and performance information, select which metrics you want to track for specific sources by line item. Basis automatically modifies performance reports and makes billing adjustments for previously billed delivery.

You can edit metrics for a single delivery source, or you can manage metrics in bulk.

To select a delivery source metric:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Select the Delivery tab.

  4. Select Options > Edit Metrics next to a delivery source.

  5. Select the metrics you want to count toward delivery.

  6. Click Save.

Managing Metrics in Bulk

You can use the bulk edit button to manage delivery source metrics in bulk.

To manage metrics in bulk:

  1. On the Delivery tab, select the delivery sources and select Bulk editMetrics. To select every delivery source, enable Select all at the top of the list.

  2. Select the metrics you want to track for delivery.

  3. Click Save.

Metrics and Campaign Reports

When you create a Daily Delivery or Performance Report, the columns include the selected metrics. Deselected metrics appear as blank cells under the corresponding header.

Delivery Metrics


Metric Name







Viewable Impressions

Measurable Impressions


Videos Starts

Video Views

Videos Completes



CPA Conversions

Cross-Environment Conversions (for Google Campaign Manager only)

Note: This metric is only availble for GCM sources and if you have an account with View cross-device conversions permissions.


Interactions Interactions