Selecting Delivery Source Metrics

If you use multiple sources to track impressions, each impression could be double counted on the Analytics tab and reporting. To improve the accuracy of billing and performance information, select which metrics you want to track for specific sources by line item. Basis automatically modifies performance reports and makes billing adjustments for previously billed delivery.

You can edit metrics for a single delivery source, or you can manage metrics in bulk.

To select delivery source metrics:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select the campaign, then select the Delivery tab.

  3. Select Options [] > Edit Metrics next to a delivery source.

  4. The Manage Metrics page with the options listed below
  5. Select the metrics that you want to count toward delivery.

  6. Select Save.

Managing Metrics in Bulk

Use bulk editing to select the same metrics for multiple delivery sources at the same time.

To manage metrics in bulk:

  1. On the Delivery tab, select the delivery sources. To bulk edit metrics for a specific delivery source (such as Facebook), apply a filter to only view that source.

    1. Select Filter [] > Add new > Delivery Sources.

    2. Select the delivery source, then select Apply.

  2. Select Bulk EditMetrics.

  3. The bulk Manage Metrics page with the options listed below
  4. Select the metrics that you want to track.

  5. Select Save.

Metrics and Campaign Reports

Daily Delivery and Performance reports include the metrics that you selected. The headers for metrics that you didn't include are also in the reports, but they don't contain any data (the cells in that column are blank.)

Delivery Metrics  
Section Metric Name Notes









Viewable Impressions

Measurable Impressions



Video Starts

Video Views

Video Completes

Video Starts is 2-Second Video Views from TikTok.



CPA Conversions

Cross-Environment Conversions


The Cross-Environment Conversions metric is only available for Campaign Manager 360 sources, and if you have an account with View cross-device conversions permissions.

Interactions Interactions