Creating Vendors

Vendors are managed by your organization. If you have Vendor Management permissions, you can create or edit vendors.

To create or edit a vendor:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Inventory Directory.

  2. Select the Vendor tab.

    The Vendor tab on the inventory directory

  3. Select Create new vendor.

  4. Enter the Name of the vendor.

  5. Enter the URL.

  6. Select the Vendor Type:

    • Site-direct

    • Parent Company

    • Network

    • Rep Firm

  7. Select Create to save the new vendor.

Editing Vendors

If you have Vendor Management permissions, select a vendor to edit its Properties, Contacts, Payee information, and Notes. If you have Vendor Payment Terms permissions, you can also managing this vendor's Terms & Conditions.

Vendor page with the tabs listed above