Adding DSP Line Items

A DSP line item captures the details of a planned programmatic buy, summarizing the information that you want to share with your client. When you set up a line item, you choose ad formats, flight dates, rates, and costs.

To add DSP line items:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a Campaign.

  3. Select a media plan.

  4. Click New line item, and fill in the required fields:

Title/Header Description

LI name

Enter the line item a descriptive name.



formats: Choose the ad formats used in the line item's groups and tactics:

  • Audio
  • Display
  • Interstitial
  • Video

sizes: Optional. Select the ad sizes. You can choose as many sizes as you need.


Enter the dates in MM/DD/YY format.

starts: Tactics can begin bidding on impressions on this date.

ends: Tactics bid on impressions until midnight on this date.

The end date can be as far in the future as you like.

Note: If you change the dates after adding groups and tactics, the line item's date range must include the earliest group or tactic start date through the latest group or tactic end date.


All DSP line items use a Dynamic CPM rate type.

rate type: Choose the Units type:

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • Dynamic CPM


The rates to be charged to the Client.

est net: Optional. The estimated cost per unit. For Dynamic CPM, this is the expected cost for 1000 impressions.

ad serving: Optional. The ad serving cost for 1000 impressions.

est margin or markup: Optional. The estimated margin or markup

The est gross is calculated using the rates you enter. This represents the total rates the client pays for the campaign including media, ad serving, and margin or markup

For examples showing how the Rates and Costs fields work together, see DSP Line Item Rates and Costs.


ad serving: Anticipated ad serving costs, automatically calculated using the ad serving rate and estimated impressions. You can adjust this value by adjusting the number of impressions expected for each ad server.

gross: Required. The gross cost, which sets the line item budget, the total

For examples showing how the Rates and Costs fields work together, see DSP Line Item Rates and Costs.

Next Steps

Define the details of your programmatic strategy by setting up the groups and tactics within your line items. Before the groups and tactics can start delivery, you must manually confirm client approval for the plan.

Deleting a Line Item

Before the start date, you can delete a line item that has not delivered any impressions. The revision must go through the approval process again to complete the deletion.

Any groups in the line item are set offline as soon as the deletion is confirmed, but you will see the line item's groups and tactics in the Analytics and DSP Optimize views until the plan with the deletion is re-approved.