Line Item Overview

Line items capture the details of the media purchased for the vendor and property and guide the execution of meeting the campaign goals. With an approved IO, the line item is live and tracks the performance from start to end of the campaign. A campaign allows multiple line items including creating copies and flights.

Line items include a description, start and end dates, objective and KPI, budget, and other details such as units and rates.

Main Topics

Adding Line Items to Campaigns

Adding DSP Line Items

Adding Linear TV Line Items

Basis stores rate and cost data to 8 decimal points. The user has the ability to enter the 8 decimal points. Based on the Platform views and reports, the user may see 2-4 decimal points. Tooltips are available to display the full 8 points.

The calculations for billing reflect the dollar amounts up to the penny, or 2 decimal points. For example, if the value is 10,000.01, the displayed and billed amount is $10,000. The calculations for percentages reflect the amount up to 4 decimal points.