Bulk Upload VAST Ad Tags

Add new creatives to the DSP from the Creative panel or the tactic editor.

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is the IAB's standard for communicating the details of video ad serving. This standard handles the display of ads in, on, or around a video or audio player.

Upload multiple VAST ad tags at the same time using a TXT file or an Excel file (XLSX).

Download Basis' template for VAST tags. You can also download a template on the Bulk VAST Ads model or from the Bulk Uploading Ads article, where you can find more information about formatting this file.

While we support third-party VAST, we recommend that you upload audio and video ads directly to Basis DSP. There are two main advantages: first, when you upload an ad to the DSP, we can automatically transcode it into variations that cover all known publisher requirements. Second, we can track companion impressions and clicks for ads in the DSP. When you use third-party VAST, it isn't possible for us to track companion impressions and clicks due to limitations in the VAST specification.

To bulk upload VAST ad tags:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select the campaign and media plan.

  3. Select DSP ActionsCreative.

  4. On the Creative panel, select AddBulk VAST.

  5. Select Upload file, then select the TXT or XLSX file that contains your VAST ad tags.

    • Select Automatically detect and insert macros to automatically insert macros. This feature is only available for Campaign Manager 360 tags.

  6. When the file successfully uploads, review the creatives and edit their details as required. See Uploading VAST Tags for more information about VAST ad details.

    Apply the same changes to multiple ads at the same time by selecting the ads, making your changes, then selecting Apply.

  7. Select Create to save the new ads.

    After uploading creatives, make sure to preview them and link them to tactics.