DSP Overview

At its core, Basis is a multi-channel DSP supporting display, social, video, native, and mobile. With access to more than 30 exchanges, 1000 private marketplace deals, 20 third-party data providers, 6 billion users, and 2 trillion impressions per month, Basis has the power to meet all of your programmatic needs.

When you're setting up a campaign for programmatic buys, add the DSP channel to the media plan, then add DSP line items. See Adding Channels to a Media Plan and Adding DSP Line Items for more informaion.

A DSP line item represents a plan to purchase media programmatically, and corresponds to a budget on an IO. Every DSP line item must include groups and tactics, which define the details of programmatic buys: how, when, and where the line item's budget is spent.

Before groups and tactics can start delivery, you must manually confirm client approval for the plan. Vendor approval isn't required for DSP line items.

When the campaign is running, you can edit DSP line items directly in the approved media plan instead of creating a revision. See Revising DSP Line Items for more information.

DSP Advertiser ID

The advertiser ID is a unique identifier used by some data providers to coordinate data (for example, custom segments or audiences). If you're working directly with a third-party provider, they may require your advertiser ID (or customer ID) for the DSP,

To find your DSP advertiser ID, select the question mark on the top navigation bar.

The Basis Help menu with DSP Advertiser ID highlighted


The DSP plugs into large ad exchanges, or Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), such as Rubicon, Google, and Pubmatic, and makes their publisher inventory available to tactics. Every time an impression becomes available on one of the exchanges, it is available to users of the DSP through an auction, or bidding, model.

When an impression becomes available, tactics in Basis DSP bid on that impression. The winning bid is placed on the exchange, and the winning advertiser bids against other DSPs on that exchange. If that advertiser has the highest bid, the impression successfully delivers.

See Targeting Exchanges (Tactic Editor) to learn how to target exchanges in tactics.