DSP Overview

At its core, Basis is a multi-channel DSP supporting display, social, video, native, and mobile. With access to more than 30 exchanges, 1000 private marketplace deals, 20 third-party data providers, 6 billion users and 2 trillion impressions per month, Basis has the power to meet all of your programmatic needs.

Adding Programmatic Line Items

To add a programmatic line item:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Create a media plan with DSP line items.

    A DSP line item represents a plan to purchase media programmatically, and corresponds to a budget on an IO. Your media plan can have a single DSP line item or many.

  4. Add groups and tactics. You control the details of the programmatic buys (how, when, and where the budget for the line item is spent) with groups and tactics.

    Before the groups and tactics can start delivery, you must manually confirm client approval for the plan. Vendor approval isn't required for DSP line items.

Campaign Analytics

The Analytics tab shows both DSP, Direct data, and the full story of how your media dollars are being spent. With this information, you can reallocate your budget across different buying methods, if needed.