Revising DSP Line Items

Edit DSP line items directly in a live media plan without going through the revision and approval process required for other channels. This revisionless workflow allows you to quickly optimize the campaign and improve tactic performance.

As long as there are no unapproved revisions, you can edit DSP line items in a live plan even if it contains other channels. If you have to edit non-DSP line items as well, you must create a revision. If there are open revision drafts, edit the DSP line items in the revision, or wait until approval and make your changes in the approved plan.

In addition to editing DSP line item details, you can copy, duplicate, cancel, or delete line items, as well as edit and create groups and tactics.

Note: If a DSP line item's start date has passed, certain fields are locked and can't be edited.

Important Notes

  • Changes take effect right away, so double check that your DSP line items are set up correctly before saving.

  • Make sure that line item budgets align with group- and tactic-level budgets. If a line item's budget doesn't align with the sum of its groups' budgets, you will still be able to save your changes, but will see an error message.

  • Line item start and end date must align with group and tactic start and end dates. If they don't align, you won't be able to save the line item.

  • Groups and tactics don't have to be offline in order to edit them. Your changes take effect as soon as your save a live group or tactic.

  • Strata Users: The revisionless workflow for DSP line items is currently not compatible with Strata integration. Continue to create and approve revisions prior to export to Strata.

  • Advantage Users: Whether you create a revision or use the revisionless workflow, any changes you make to DSP line items appear in Advantage billing reports.

To edit DSP line items:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign, then select the live or approved media plan.

  3. To edit a line item's details:

    1. Click Edit above your DSP line items.

    2. Update the line item's name, details, dates, units, rates, and costs. You can't edit a field that is grey and has a lock icon.

    3. Click Save to apply your changes. To undo all of your changes, click Exit, then click Exit without saving.

  4. To add a new group, click a line item's Options [], then select Add group. See Creating a Group.

  5. To edit a group, click a group's Options [], then select Edit. See Editing a Group.

  6. To add a new tactic, click a group's Options [], then select Add tactic. See Creating a Tactic.

  7. To edit a tactic, click a tactic's Options [], then select Edit. See Tactic Editor Overview.