My Organization

You can review or update your organization's settings on the My Organization page, depending on your permissions:

My Organization Tabs
Tab Name Sections/Actions



Organization Information

Billing Information


Search by name

Contact index
New user button
Settings Margin or Markup
Media Plan Approval


Account Balance (value)

Account balance communication options

Daily Spend Cap

(Only enabled for select users)


Search by client or brand

Index by Client, Brand, and Vertical
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Download Report link
Service Providers Search by provider type or name
Index by name
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Advantage account information (Advantage ERP users only)

Strata account information (Strata users only)

Billing Reports

Client Orders

Vendor Billing

Terms & Conditions Index by Active status, Effective Date, Payment Terms, Out Clause, Addenda, and File (Download .pdf link)
Create new button

At least one person in your organization must have User Management permissions, which lets them create and edit organization contact information and assigning permissions. These users manage the contact permissions and settings for your organization, user, vendor, terms & conditions, planning, approval and IOs, ad serving, delivery and performance reports, delivery source, adjustments, and billing reports. User Management access includes inviting new contacts to join Basis.


Your organization's Profile must be set up before you start using Basis.The Profile includes the Organization and Billing Information, including the company name, address, and phone number. Vendors view your organization based on the company name under Organization Information. The Billing Information set on this tab appears in an insertion order.


The Users tab provides and index by name, email, and status. The contact information, employee details, and permissions are based on the organization.


The campaign Settings configures the Margin, Media Plan Approval, and DSP Account Balance communications. The margin or appears on the campaign based on the on/off option. The media plan approval appears based on the contract requirement. The DSP section displays account balance settings for in-app notifications and email alerts.


The Clients/Brands tab displays the name and verticals. An organization represents the client and/or brand in Basis.

Service Providers

The Service Providers tab displays vendors and service types. Add new providers or edit existing providers' details.


The Billing tab displays the download reports. Client orders and vendor billing reports are available including the contracted and delivered units. The Billing tab displays the Advantage account and ad server ID codes. (Advantage organization users only)

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions tab displays the list of the contract and information. By brand, the Terms & Conditions section lists the out clause, payment terms, and available copy to download.

The organization integrates with Basis for performance, billing, and payment for the client. During the Direct negotiation process, the client, brand, buyer, and seller (vendor) approve the proposals, plans, IO, and revisions.