Naming Conventions

Naming conventions use campaign or line item details (e.g. Campaign ID, Vendor, Format, other standard line item fields) to automatically generate a standardized taxonomy. The primary purpose of naming conventions is to automate ad tag creation for ad serving exports in order to streamline third-party integrations and more accurately aggregate data for reporting. Additionally, naming conventions allow for improved communication across individuals and teams.

Naming conventions are distinct from line item names, so you can use any name that works best for your team for the line item. If you would like to use your naming convention as the line item name, you can copy and paste it into the LI field.

You can create naming conventions for individual clients or at the organization level. You must have Organization Management permissions to create and manage naming conventions. Users with Planning permissions can apply naming conventions at the media plan level.

Note: Naming conventions are optional. If you do not want to use naming conventions, do not create any or set the status of the ones you did create to OFF.

For more details about how to use naming conventions, see: