Optimizing a Tactic

As your tactic runs, you can view real-time data on different domains, exchanges, and placements in Analytics and adjust the bid price depending on its performance. You can also change the status of a domain, exchange, or placement.

Note: Changes you make in optimize view override algorithmic optimization set up on the Optimization tab of the tactic editor.

For example, if your primary goal for a campaign is a high click-through rate (CTR), you can increase the bid price on specific domains, exchanges, and placements that are helping the tactic meet that goal. You can also decrease the bid price for those that are falling short of the goal, or take them offline if they're not contributing to the KPM you hope to reach.

Note: The default date duration in DSP Optimize differs from campaign Analytics defaults. The end date in DSP Optimize is today's date. The campaign Analytics end date depends on data availability, and is usually yesterday. When you manually select the campaign analytics duration date, the range remains the same in DSP Optimize view.

If your tactics include conversion data, you can extend the DSP Optimize end date past the campaign end dates. This allows you to see conversions counted after the campaign ended.

To optimize a tactic:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns, then select a campaign.

  2. Click Analytics.

  3. Select the DSP channel, then select the line item that has the tactics you want to optimize. See Analytics for more information.

  4. Click Options [] > Optimize performance next to a tactic.

  5. You can optimize the tactic by Domain, Exchange, Creative, Daily, or Hourly. To export data from the optimizer, select Actions > Download CSV.