Advantage Billing Report Overview

Advantage software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system built for advertising agencies to manage bill pay across digital and traditional media types. Basis' integration with Advantage lets you push billing exports that map to Advantage's business objects directly to Advantage.

How It Works

After you set up Basis to work with Advantage, you export your campaign to an FTP host. In Advantage, you use Media Import to read the data on the FTP host, and Advantage automatically looks for updates on the FTP host.

In Basis

  1. Set up Basis to work with your Advantage software system. See Add Advantage Account and Advantage ERP Configuration in Billing.

    When set up to work with Advantage, Basis maintains seven different Advantage fields (“key fields”), surfacing existing Advantage codes for all of these required key fields. As you're setting up and working with your Basis campaign, you can make the appropriate selections for each of these fields.

    Advantage Details Location in Basis
    Configure Advantage account, credentials and connections My OrganizationBilling tab

    Confirm or select Advantage Client Code

    My OrganizationClients/Brands and Service Providers tabs

    Confirm or select Media Vendor Code Inventory Directory Vendor details
    Confirm or select Advantage key fields including Division, Product, Campaign, and Sales Class IDs Campaign details (at media plan approval)
    Advantage Ad Server Vendor Code IDs My OrganizationBilling tab
  2. Export client orders and vendor billing reports from Basis to the Advantage FTP host. You create these reports on the My OrganizationBilling tab. For a detailed list of fields in the reports, see the Advantage client order table and vendor billing table.

In Advantage

When you click “import” in Advantage, those key fields are automatically populated into Advantage’s AQUA, pre-programmed with specific codes to associate line items with appropriate clients and vendors.

Note: The net value in the billing reports excludes margin. When the line item in Basis has margin, the ERP system requires managing that value.

Vendor Payment Agreement

Basis assists you with the vendor payment agreement. With the vendor billing report from Basis, you download the data, enter the invoice fields, reconcile the amounts, and upload into Advantage. Refer to the Advantage Vendor Billing procedure and table for payment.