Revising Media Plans

If you have to change a live or approved media plan, you must first create a revision. You can create revisions before or after the campaign start date. When you create a revision, the media plan must be approved again before it can go live.

The most common reason for revisions is to optimize the campaign:

  • Add a new line item
  • Update an existing line item
  • End an existing line item
  • Create or modify add-ons
  • Modify dates

If you have to edit DSP line items, you don't have to go through the revision process. Edit DSP line items directly in the live or approved campaign. See Revising DSP Line Items for more information.

To revise a media plan:

  1. Go to Main MenuCampaigns, and select the approved or live campaign.

  2. Click Revise media plan. The revision appears under Revisions on the Overview tab.

  3. Select the revision, then edit the line items as required. If a line item field is marked with a Lock icon, you cannot edit it. Fields become locked based on ad serving export and whether the start date has passed.

  4. Approve the media plan. If you're working with a vendor that requires insertion order (IO) approval, send the vendor a revised IO. After they accept the revised campaign, the revision replaces the current live media plan.

    Note: When the vendor insertion order is not required, the media plan does not show the contact user, RFP, proposal updates, revised plans, or IO options.