Editing a Creative

To edit two or more creatives at once:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Select a media plan.

  4. Select DSP Actions > Creative.

  5. On the Creative panel, select the creative or creatives you want to edit.

  6. Click Bulk Edit.

  7. From the Bulk Edit menu, select the type of edit you want to make.

    • Status & URLs: Update the impression tracking URL or destination URL or set the creative online or offline.

    • Name: Add a prefix or suffix to the creative name or find and replace text in the creative names.

    See Bulk Edit Creative for more information.

  8. Click Save to apply the changes. Some bulk editing modals show a preview of your changes, but the creatives themselves aren't edited until you click Save.

Edit a Single Creative

On the Creative panel, click the name of the creative you want to edit.

On the Creative modal on the Details tab, edit the fields you want to update:

Ad Name*

The name of the creative. It's best to use a name that you'll be able to recognize when you have many creatives in the DSP.

Ad ID A unique number assigned to the creative media.
Tag Code

HTML code that shows the ad, generally using a third-party ad server. You might receive the code from an agency or generate it yourself using a tool provided by the ad server.

Ad Type The ad type cannot be changed after you save a creative.


A creative's status controls its availability for delivery.

  • On: The creative is ready for delivery and can be used by any tactic linked to it. Once the creative passes Ad Quality Review, it goes live.

  • Off: The creative is offline. Tactics can link to the creative, but the creative will not be delivered.

  • Archived: The creative is no longer in use. When you archive a creative, it does not appear on Creative panel.

  • Expired: The ad expired due to inactivity. An ad expires if it has $0.00 total spend over the last 18 months. To use this creative, you must re-upload it.

Changing a creative's status affects any tactics that it is linked to.

Destination URL

The landing page, which the ad clicks through to. This URL often points to an intermediate tracking server, which in turn sends the user to the landing page.


Include the https:// prefix when you enter the URL.

Click to Call

For click-to-call tactics, use "tel:" followed by the phone number (including the country and area codes).

For example:


Impression Tracking URL

If you are using a third-party impression tracker, you can input the URL used to track impressions for the ad. Even if you leave this field blank, the DSP will automatically track impressions for you. Third-party impression trackers allow you to track impressions in another platform. For example, your client may require an independent count of impressions by their own tracking software.

You can add up to 3 image impression tracking URLs and 3 script impression tracking URLs (for ad types that support script trackers). For script trackers, enter the URL only, not the entire script.

SSL Status

If the creative itself and all of the trackers it uses meet the requirements for secure environments, enable SSL secure. Make sure you mark the ad appropriately. If you mark an ad that contains non-secure elements as secure, it may not render correctly. The DSP uses this status to decide if the ad can be used for ATS-compliant impressions. See ATS Compliance for more information about testing an ad for ATS security.

Brand Domain

A domain that represents the brand being advertised. See Brand Domains and Verticals for details.

Once a brand domain has been entered for any creative in a brand, it becomes the default value for new creatives added to that brand.

Brand Verticals

The categories that best represent the product being sold by the ad. See Brand Domains and Verticals for details.

Once verticals have been entered for any creative in a brand, it becomes the default value for new creatives added to that brand.

Previewing the Creative

To test the creative and see how it will appear, select the Preview tab.

Checking Linked Tactics

To see which tactics use the creative, select the Linked tactics tab.

Ad Quality

To see if the creative has been approved, select the Ad Quality Status tab.