Main Menu

Click the Main Menu icon in the top-right corner to quickly access to different parts of Basis:

Campaigns: Open the campaigns page, where you can find a complete list of all of your campaigns.

Line Items: View all of you and your organization's line items across media plans and campaigns and an overview of your account team's pacing and spend by line item.

Dashboard : Go to your Dashboard to see an overview of your campaigns' statuses, performance, comments, proposals, and IOs.

Inventory Directory: Open the Inventory Directory to view a list of properties that you can add to media plans, as well as vendor information and private marketplace deals.

Reports: Manage and create new campaign reports, DSP reports, and scheduled reports.

Insights: Access Basis's Insights tool to create custom reports.

Domain Lists: Create and edit the domain lists you use for DSP tactics.

My Organization: Review and update your organization's settings (users, settings, clients/brands, service providers, billing, terms & conditions).

My Settings: Manage your user settings (profile information, third-party accounts, notifications, password).

Log Out: Log out of your account.