Using the Main Menu

Use the Main Menu [] to access all of the features available in Basis. The menu sidebar is always visible on the left so you can quickly go to your Campaigns, Line Items, and Dashboard.

Basis platform with the side navigation options highlighted

Click Main Menu [] in the upper-right corner view all of the options.

The Basis Main Menu list of options

Campaigns, Line Items, and Dashboard

Create, review, and manage campaigns from these pages.

  • Campaigns: View your planned, live, and completed campaigns.

  • Line Items: Access all of your line items across media plans and campaigns, along with a breakdown of pacing and spend by line item.

  • Dashboard : See an overview of your campaigns' statuses, performance, comments, proposals, and more.


Plan your campaigns and develop media strategies with Basis' research tools.

  • Inventory Directory: View and manage a list of properties that you can add to media plans as well as vendor information, private marketplace deals, DSP data, and RTB inventory.

  • Market Trends: Leverage Basis' performance and spend data to set benchmarks and establish goals for your media plans and campaigns.

  • DSP Inventory Forecasting: Create and save mock tactics to get predictions for available impressions at different bid amounts.


Pull reports and gather insights into your campaign performance.

DSP Assets

Manage the different assets you use in DSP line items and tactics.

  • Domain Lists: Create and edit the domain lists you use in DSP tactics.


Manage your organization and user settings.

  • My Organization: Update your organization's profile and settings, add new users, clients, and service providers, pull billing reports, and manage your Terms & Conditions.

  • My Settings: Manage your personal user account settings, such as your contact information, linked third-party accounts, and email notifications.

Log Out: Log out of your account.