User Settings

To access your user account settings, open the main menu and select My Settings. The following sections describe the settings on each tab.


The Profile tab provides an overview of your contact information and permissions.

Section Description
Contact Information

Your name and contact information. An accepted vendor user invited by an organization has full access to these fields.

You are unable to modify your unique email address or employee details.

Employee Details

Employee details are optional. When you turn on the sales role visibility, the sales person information appears in the billing reports.

Automatic Away Status

Set an away status in the message center to let your teammates or vendors know whether you're available. Use the Date Through calendar to indicate when you'll be away and include coverage information in the Message box. Your away status automatically clears based on the date you select. Vendors can see your away status but can't set their own away status.

If someone else has turned on Automatic Away Status for their profile, you can view their away status and coverage information in the message center when you select the contact in a new message.

Basis Home Page

You have the option to choose either Campaigns or Dashboard as your home page.

  • Campaigns view displays an index of your campaigns.
  • Dashboard displays a visual summary of statuses, pacing, and performance of your campaigns.
Permissions Team members with User Management permissions can assign user permissions. See User Permissions for more information about each permission type

Ad Server Accounts

The Ad Server Accounts tab lets you connect to your profiles in supported ad servers. After you connect your accounts, Basis securely stores your credentials so that it can create placements for line items and automatically update delivery data from the ad server.

Basis is integrated with the leading ad server, Campaign Manager 360.

Make sure that the email address that you use when you add the account matches the address used by your profile in Campaign Manager 360.

To use Campaign Manager 360 with Basis, your Campaign Manager 360 account must allow these permissions:

  • Advertiser management: modify access
  • Campaigns: full access
  • Placement costs: full access
  • Placements: full access
  • Sites: full access

See the Google documentation for more on setting Campaign Manager 360 permissions.

Third Party Accounts

On the Third Party Accounts tab, you can add or remove third-party credentials and review connected profiles, and then on the Delivery tab, you can link delivery sources. There is no limit to the number of accounts that you can connect.

Basis integrates with the following third-party accounts to retrieve delivery data:

You must have Organization Management permissions to add accounts, and Delivery Source Management permissions to configure them.

For a Google Ads manager account, a buyer completes the required application process to access the API.

Basis displays YouTube as the property in campaign reports and media plan downloads along with Insights. Link the YouTube account through Google Ads.

Authorized OAuth Apps

The Authorized OAuth Apps tab manages access to third-party applications. The third-party party application authenticates with a buyer's account in Basis, such as TapClicks. This is completed via the Basis Analytics API. The number of granted applications access to your account is visible in the tab.


Basis can send you email notifications about your campaigns' line item pacing, ad review status, and approval status. Notifications are sent to the email address associated with your user profile.

Media Plan Approval Notifications

If you want to receive a daily email with a list of campaigns that have been approved in the last 24 hours, select Send daily email. Select the campaigns link in the email to view all of the approved campaigns in Basis.

Only campaigns that have been approved for the first time are included in the email.

Creative Status Notifications

Receive notifications about your ads' quality review status. Basis checks an ad's quality review status every two hours and sends an email notification if there are any changes during that time. By default, you will receive notifications when a creative's status changes to on hold or rejected for both internal and external reviews. If the creative was rejected, the email includes the reason for the rejection, such as a broken landing page or SSL compliance issues.

You only receive alerts for ads that are not archived, and only if you are on the account team for the brands that the ads belong to.

For both internal Basis reviews and Google and AppNexus reviews, select the types of updates that you want to receive email notifications for:

  • When an ad's status changes to on hold or rejected.

  • When an ad's status changes to eligible.

Pacing Notifications

Receive summaries of under- and over-pacing line items directly to your inbox. These alerts help you monitor live campaigns and identify which line items aren't meeting your pacing goals so that you can adjust them as required.

Pacing calculations are based on net media spend.

After you set up pacing notifications, you'll receive emails that list all line items that are pacing under or over the thresholds that you defined in your settings. Select a line item to view its analytics in Basis and make any necessary changes.

If all of your line items are pacing within the defined thresholds, you'll receive an email that confirms that all line items are pacing well.

Emails are sent at 11:00 AM CT on the days of the week that you selected, and only if you are on the campaign's account team.

To opt in to pacing notifications, select Send pacing summary emails for My Campaigns. Then, select the parameters:

  • Send on selected days: Select the days of the week that you want to receive notification emails on. At least one day must be selected to receive these alerts.

  • Channels: Select the channels (such as direct, DSP, or programmatic guaranteed) that you want to receive pacing information for.

  • Line item pacing %: Select Under or Over and enter the pacing thresholds. For example, if you select Under with a threshold of 90%, you'll receive notifications for line items that are pacing under 90%.

  • Line item pacing (7d avg) %: Select Under or Over and enter the pacing thresholds. For example, if you select Under with a threshold of 90% and Over with a threshold of 110%, you'll receive notifications for line items that are pacing under 90% or over 110% on average over the past 7 days.

Change Password

The Change Password tab displays the ability to change your password. Enter your current and new password in the fields.

Password criteria: Character minimum: 8, with1 upper and 1 lower case letter, 1 number, and 1 special character.

If you forget your password, a link is available on the Sign in page. Select the Forgot your password? link, enter your email address in the field, and click Reset password. Basis sends a message to the email address associated with your account with a reset link.