DMP/Audience Provider Integrations

Use audience data to find segments that match your desired targeting or create and add custom segments specific to your needs.

What is the difference between a DMP and a data provider?

A data management platform (DMP) is simply a technology platform that holds user data and allows combination of various segments of user data into profiles. However, most DMP companies also have a public data marketplace – aggregated data in a standard taxonomy that all may purchase. When they do this, they are also acting as a data provider.

However, some DMPs are pure play, and do not act as public data providers. Data providers may operate their own DMPs, or use another DMP to distribute their data.

Available Providers

Review the articles below to find out more about the audience data providers available in Basis. We regularly update our audience provider documentation, so check back for more updates. Providers in grey boxes are available to use, but documentation is forthcoming.

Download a catalog of available third-party audience segments from the Inventory Directory. See Data Segments.